Chocolat - International Chocolate and Cocoa Festival

Chocolat – International Chocolate and Cocoa Festival

The purpose of the Chocolat Festival is to create a direct relationship between the production chain and its consumers, expanding knowledge of cocoa-derived products to promote industry, agribusiness, tourism and gastronomy.

With the participation of various brands and producers from different regions of Brazil and abroad, it is a great exhibition and sale of Origin, Premium, Gourmet and other chocolates. In addition to a complete program with sensory experiences, a series of cultural activities, art exhibitions, courses and lectures with leading national and international experts discussing the main trends in the world of chocolate, gastronomy workshops with renowned chefs, forums and rounds of business.

In this context, the festival contributes to the verticalization process, promoting the production of quality cocoa beans and chocolate, with a high cocoa content, from selected almonds and free of preservatives, in line with the innovations of the fastest growing segment due to the large added value to products.

The festival had its first edition in 2009, in Ilhéus, Bahia, and since then has marked the city’s tourist calendar, considered the capital of cocoa and immortalized by the works of Jorge Amado.

After great success, the event arrived in Belém do Pará in 2013, and has already attracted more than 750 thousand visitors in the 20 editions held in the two largest fruit-producing states, Bahia and Pará, having boosted the emergence of more than 200 brands of Origin in Ilhéus and the Amazon chocolate market heated up, which after five editions of the event doubled cocoa production.

In 2018, cocoa was responsible for generating around R$14 billion in the country and the chocolate sector grows 30% per year, with enormous demand, depending on the quality and with almond contents ranging from 50% to 100% of cocoa, in a product with great added value.

Behind the innovations is a market that moves resources and money, both in Brazil and abroad. As the chocolate product diversifies, the demand for excellent cocoa also increases. Currently, biodiversity and agricultural potential have made Pará the largest cocoa producer in Brazil.

In 2019, the festival arrived in São Paulo, the largest economic and industrial hub in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest business center in Latin America with the aim of publicizing and promoting chocolates with a high cocoa content.

Today the Chocolat Festival is considered the biggest event in Latin America in its category, being held in more than 4 Brazilian states, in Portugal and also carrying out missions in events in the category, bringing Cocoa and Chocolate producers of Brazilian origin to global awareness.

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