Global Kosher

Global Kosher Seals

Every kosher product requires a kosher seal. Each kosher seal will be adapted to the type of product as well as the mode of production. In fact, there are products and modes of production that require the permanent presence of an observant Yehudi, as is the case, for example, with the categories Cholov, Pás, Bishul Israel. For example: types of products, such as canned sardines, tuna, hearts of palm, or even cookies, among others;

Supervision is also required at the level of ingredients and additives (fats, colorings, flavorings, etc.); Supervision also encompasses standards relating to equipment and good practices, etc. Therefore, to facilitate information and consumption by the general public, our kosher seals are clearly distinct and easy to identify.

Our different kosher seals:

  • GLOBAL-K PARVE (Vegetarian/Vegan: Does not contain milk, meat or their derivatives.)
  • GLOBAL-K F (Kosher Fish)
  • GLOBAL-K D (Dairy Chalav Yisrael: Prepared according to the Jewish Law)
  • GLOBAL-K P (Kosher for Passover)
  • GLOBAL-K Pat Yisrael (Baked according to the Jewish Law)
  • GLOBAL-K Kemach Yashan (Old Flour: All the grains that took root before Passover)
  • GLOBAL-K Bishul Yisrael (Processed according to the Jewish Law)
  • GLOBAL-K GLATT (Ashkenazi Kosher Meat)
  • GLOBAL-K Halak Beit Yosef (Sephardic Kosher Meat)

Global Kosher