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Global Kosher Offices

Global-K is a leading global kosher certification agency operating across six continents. Our network comprises Regional Representatives in 115 countries around the world.

The below list includes our main HQ location, as well as our regional affiliate offices and outposts.  Our global offices operate across six continents, with regional representatives in 115 countries around the world.

For regional assistance, you can get in touch with a locally situated representative or with Global-K affiliate global offices around the world.

To have a free consultation with a New Certification Specialist, you can contact, or learn more about getting kosher certified.

Global Headquarters

New York, USA
Rabbinate: Rabbi Yair Masri, R. Shmuel Haber and R. Ovadiah Tank
Tel: +1 (718) 756-7500, +1 (212) 357-9123, +1 (800) 385-1345

Affiliate Office: Rabbi Elyiahu Haber

Affiliate Office: Rabbi Eli Dueck

Latin America
Regional Representative: Rabbi Shmuel Haber

Affiliate Office:
Regional Representative: Rabbi Aaron Kurc,
Laboratory Director: Acaccio Calvacante,

Affiliate Office: Rabbi Moshe Harari

Affiliate Office: Rabbi Zev Cohen

Affiliate Office: Rabbi David Katz

Affiliate Office: Rabbi Daniel Levy

Global Kosher