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Blibical Diet

Kosher Certification

Global Kosher Symbol

GLOBAL-K new project is to kindle the revival of the Sephardic-Ladino heritage and to develop Jewish infrastructure to accommodate the rejuvenation of Jewish life in Brazil, Portugal and their communities in the United Sates and Israel. Certified products will show GLOBAL-K in their labels.  

Portugal & Brazil

One of the goals of GLOBAL-K is to support the local economy by opening opportunities for Brazil and Portugal exports to Israel, the USA, to Europe, Asia and more. To this end, Rabbi Tank is in contact with government agencies and travels the world to provide business opportunities for companies in the Brazilian and Portuguese food industry and to bring much needed kosher ingredients to Brazil and Portugal.

Global Food Kosher Market

International cultural and government events will be much easier to host in Brazil and Portugal, because of the availability of kosher food and hospitality made possible through the work of GLOBAL-KGLOBAL-K is helping Brazil and Portugal to become a prime tourist destination, with high quality and trustful kosher food for restaurants and for hotels, so that visitors can explore the rich history of historical places.