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Kosher Supervisor

Kosher Inspection

Company Name:
Contact of the production manager and/or person who will receive and accompany the kosher supervisor:

Pre-visit requirements:

Are different brands manufactured in the same factory?
If it is a different factory, what is the location?
Does the machinery have a pilot fire?
How and when machines are cleaned?
Are bottling and labeling done at the same production site?
How many hours does production take?
What is the daily volume of products?
What is the average annual volume?
Does the product contain meat?
Does the product contain lactose?
Does the product contain any type of tree nuts or peanuts?
Is the product certified organic?

Confidentiality agreement.

In addition to the protective effect for both parties, it guarantees the confidentiality of the ingredients and suppliers that will appear on the list of each product operated in the Global Kosher certification process.

Ingredient list

Global Kosher ensures that its items meet all necessary safety and quality standards. This implies that your products will be safe for the people who consume them and will not pose any health risks. This certification also allows such a kosher certified product to be sold abroad.

The kosher certification agency’s laboratory has to research whether all its ingredients and substances are permitted and approved by the FDA (USA), Anvisa (Brazil) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), even if they provide us with these certificates.

If any substance needs to be changed, we will notify you and guide you so that your supplier can replace it without causing significant changes to the formula, flavor or texture.

Google Worksheet

On the same page as your company, you will have Excel-style spreadsheets in parallel sequential layers. Sheet1, sheet2, etc. Change the name of the insole pages to the name of the products that are in the certification process. Example: chocolate cake, orange juice, etc.

Visit from the Rabbi

The visit will be made with the aim of verifying the sanitary conditions that are basic requirements for the biblical diet of PURITY (KOSHER). Check the cleanliness of machines and the production environment/etc.

values and percentages when closing a deal, as all taxes and charges must be deducted from the values. Within each company’s accounting records, entries and exits will be confirmed. Therefore, all expenses paid must be accompanied by tax receipts, valid tax invoices/coupons, for example: (Tickets, Accommodation, Lunch…) As long as authorized.

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