Kosher food stand opens in "La Bombonera"

Kosher food stand opens in “La Bombonera”

Kosher food stand opens in iconic Buenos Aires soccer stadium. Twenty years after the inauguration of the first Kosher McDonalds outside Israel, Buenos Aires will be home to a kosher fast food stand – in a soccer stadium.
The stand will open next week in the Boca Juniors’ “Bombonera” stadium, a city landmark. Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona played for the team early in his career, leading the team to the league title in his first year on the team.
It is believed to be the first kosher fast food stand in a soccer stadium in Latin America.“Bocasher” will open on August 8, when the Boca Juniors host Paraguay’s Libertad squad for the regional Libertadores cup.
The idea for the shop started four months ago when Boca Juniors President Daniel Angelici was watching a basketball game at Miami Heat stadium with a Jewish friend and ate at its Kosher Kingdom kiosk set up for Jewish Heritage night.
The innovative kosher spot will have the words “Boca” and “Kosher” in its name: “Bocasher.” In Spanish the sound also mixes the two words because Kosher is pronounced “Casher” with an “a.
”The stand will serve hamburgers, hot dogs and “choripan,” an iconic local sandwich made up of a grilled sausage called chorizo and the bread, which in Spanish is pan, at the same price of the non-kosher food at the stadium.
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