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With the backing of the World Jewish Confederation, and with the encouragement of Rabbi Ovadiah Yossef A’H and of the Biala Rebbe of Jerusalem, Grand Rabbi Avraham Yerachmiel Rabinowicz Shlita; Rav. Ovadiah Tank, Rav. Shmuel Haber e Rav Yosef Oziel z”l established GLOBAL-K in 2006.

Global-K is a company dedicated to adhering to the highest ethical and religious standards for the Jewish community and for the Kosher Consumers around the globe.

Our Team

For over 15 years Global-K is committed to offering a professional and affordable Kashrut services to all major Kosher Agencies: Temidi Mashgichim, food technologists and food chemists working round the clock for your needs alongside our representatives and agents around the globe.


“For over 15 years Global Kosher has been working with the major recognized  kosher or organic certification agencies to ensure strict compliance with set standards based on values and beliefs”.

Rabbi Ovadiah Tank

New Projects

Global-K Rabbis will help you  to develop infrastructure to support the local economy by Kosher Certifying food products and re-educate people how to eat clean, healthy. Certified products will show Global-K in their labels.


In all continents, many communities are becoming  Kosher. The World Jewish Confederation together with Global Kosher are open to register your community. Please contact us to know more about how can you and your community to become Kosher.

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